Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tesla & Stage Lighting

Nikola Tesla

     This is probably the most "character" models I've done in a long time.  Moreso, it's definitely the most DRAWING I've done in a long time.  Full disclosure, this sketch had to go through a ton of plastic surgery in the form of the puppet warp tool in PS to get to the stage in the screencap on the left.  I don't even feel comfortable posting the original sketch.  I could probably up the quality a lot by using a scanner instead of my phone's camera, but I figure that the characters will be so small on screen anyway that it won't matter too much.  Once I fixed the outlines, I just painted under them in PS and used the same technique for the model as I did for The Housekeeper.

     Once I had the model in-game, I started working on a couple theater features.  The first was tweaking the lighting so that it dimmed when mousing over a character.  I felt like this helped create the stage atmosphere by giving each character their own monologue lighting.  I really like UDK's matinee system, I can get a lot done with it really quickly.
     After setting up the lighting, I remembered that my character classes were cast from the kactor system.  Just as a quick test, I wanted to see if a matinee animation would work with one of the characters, so I grabbed Tesla and gave him a quick animation.  I'm actually pretty happy with how this is coming along now.

Now if I can just settle on a solid story.


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