Saturday, February 23, 2013

Act I, Chapter I

Main Character Evolution
     Since I have the weekend off, I decided I'd try and make the best of it by finally putting to paper (or screen) the basic foundation for my point-and-click adventure/play game.  Pictured above is a tentative (possibly final) version of the main character.  The gameplay will sort of parody adventure games as well as theater plays - hopefully they go together well.  The basic premise is that the main character (pictured above) is the maid/housekeeper to Nikola Tesla during WWI.  While Tesla is away on business, she starts poking around his lab and accidentally fires up a machine that causes a rip in space-time in which dinosaurs start trampling through.  Suddenly the front lines are fraught with all manner of dinos, effectively ending the war and leaving her (and the rest of humanity) sprawling to clean up the mess!

     Anyway, I was fortunate that some very generous people over at the UDN had done a ton of the legwork for me already in creating the basis for an adventure game point-and-click system.  Creating A Mouse Interface with UDK

     After loading up those resources, I was really happy to see that I didn't need to tweak much (the sinfully ugly default cursor is on the top of the priorities list).  The above kismet setup is pretty much the extent of the entire system.  One thing I'll need to do is implement a verb system, and the ability to switch between them (eg grab/touch, speak to/with, look at).  I'll probably stick to those three, and I'm not sure if I want to work on an inventory system or not.  If I do, I'll probably do it in scaleform vs an unrealscript solution (or maybe even with the prebuilt Hourences kismet-based interface).  In terms of gameplay, I'll probably divide it up into 3-4 Acts, which will have around 2-3 chapters each (with each chapter featuring 1-2 puzzles).  

Demo of the Setup

     The barrel was originally a stand-in for The Housekeeper, but I had such a laugh with its dialogue that I'll probably leave it in as an inside joke/easter egg with myself.  The verbing will be pretty easy to implement, and I'll probably start working on a scaleform HUD tomorrow as well.

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