Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Holidays and new Shop!

I'd like to wish everyone a very Happy Holiday today!  Here's to hoping everyone's getting some well deserved rest, relaxation, and quality time with whomever you call family!

This year was the first time I was able to spend my full holiday time with my family post-graduation.  I wanted to do something special this year considering I finally had some free time.  The following was what I came up with:

The final version carried a more personal message along with it, but after a lot of revisions this was the final style I went with.  I ended up having it printed and framed at 24"x36"(which ended up being a lot larger than I realized it would be!).  It only took a day or so to put together after a few initial sketches, the hardest part was re-adjusting to Illustrator.

Even though this was the only piece I actually ended up finishing and printing in time to give as a gift, I started working on a couple other projects immediately afterward.

This one was quicker and felt a bit more natural.  I liked the style of the original Penguin print, so I tried to stay with the same theme.

After some urging from family and friends I decided to set up a shop for others who might be interested in buying a print (I'm naturally pretty shy about anything I make, so this is a huuuuge step for me!).  In my research, I stumbled upon a website by the name of Society6, which offers all kinds of awesome goodies - from framed art prints to iPhone cases/skins and throw pillows.  You can find my brand new storefront here:


In the meantime, I've started working on a third piece now that I hope to have done before the new year.  After finishing the Christmas Tree, I started playing around with other animal designs and settled on a Puppy Flutist that I thought had a fair amount of appeal (Usually I judge this based on the number and length of the squeal my girlfriend lets out upon seeing them).  He's still a work in progress:

I have two bandmates on the books to accompany him, one bear trumpeter and a koala guitarist.  I've always been pretty bad at settling on pleasing colors, so that step has me a little behind schedule on the Puppy.  Once I get that sorted out I'll be adding in the other two band members.  I plan on taking a little time to develop the background scenery as well since my first two illustrations had backgrounds that were practically non-existent.

I'm not exactly sure where all of this is going quite yet, but it's been a fun reprieve during the holiday break to start exploring stuff again!

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