Friday, June 8, 2012

There's No Such Thing As "Finished"

Despite release day being imminent, playing through the game as-is doesn't offer a very satisfying ending. Instead of pulling a Bioware, I've tasked myself with remedying this before launch.

Like most creative endeavors, game development is a largely iterative process.  I thought I was all finished, packaged, and ready to release on the 13th early...but that's changed.

     I'm still going to launch on the 13th, come hell or high water (I'm honor-bound to promises I make, plus, this date can't be blown or I don't get to graduate!).  After playtesting on my own, and distributing a closed beta to a few close testers I've come to the realization that the current ending just isn't good enough for me to be proud of.  It leaves a lot of open-ended questions hanging in the air, something which I'm seeking to correct over the next couple of days.  Despite it not meaning anything to anyone who hasn't played the beta versions yet, this update is massive - adding in two brand new environments, as well as a (fairly) lengthy gameplay section.

     I've always been a fan of easter eggs, and while this new ending isn't exactly an easter egg, it's put in place to reward the players who go the extra mile to divert course from the main quest and explore the island a little bit.  By collecting a number of tiki totems, the "good" ending will be unlocked.
The grimace is his way of saying he loves you!

     That's really all I can say for now.  I spent most of today researching, planning, sketching, conversing, debating, and detailing the new environments out in my notebook.  There's still a few ideas left to tie up (namely what sort of puzzles and events await those who traipse through the island's underbelly).  Fair warning, it'll probably be pretty astrology heavy.  By tonight's end I should have all of that worked out, so that I can begin constructing everything tomorrow.  If all goes as planned, this revision should be finished by the weekend's end!

     If you're interested, this project has a new home over at moddb/indiedb!
I've submitted it to Desura for testing, and if I hear back from them, I'll be able to sell it directly through their games catalog!  Sweet!

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