Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Guinea Pig Wanted!

     Now that the game is finished, you might be asking yourself "what now?"  Ok maybe you aren't.  But I certainly am!  Now that I've got the game ready to launch, the next step I'd like to take is getting a working MacOS build out into the wild.  Fortunately, I don't own a Mac.  Unfortunately, I need a Mac (or Hackintosh) to test the app bundle on, neither of which I can afford at the moment.  If any intrepid person out there WITH a Mac rig that they're willing to turn into a test subject, I'd be very appreciative.  Doing so would help broaden my potential audience, and would just be a generally nice thing to do considering the build options are only a couple mouse clicks different than packaging for Windows!

So, with that said...any takers?

PS!  IndieDB responded faster than Steamworks did, so as of right now the game is live and ready to launch on June 13 via Desura!  Check it out!

Now with more homepage!

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