Wednesday, May 2, 2012


     Today/tonight was another battle with kismet.  I finally began writing the dialogue, as well as named the game and the characters.  The player is Tobi Swan (obi wan with two extra letters, Lucas is going to sue the hell outta me), the penanggalan is Penny Galan (lazy or punny?), and the game name I've decided on isssss:
Peril on Monster Island 2 1/3!

     I actually had no hand in coming up with the name.  A friend of mine threw it out as a one-off and I really liked it (I added the 2 1/3 bit).  The reason I added the 2 1/3 bit is for a couple reasons:
     - I am a huge fan of Leslie Nielsen's Naked Gun series (which had this odd naming convention!)
     - After reviewing the top most anticipated games of 2012, it struck me that many of them were threequels.  Not to be outdone (much like the XBOX360 convention), I thought the 2 1/3 was a funny parody.
     - Probably most significant:  This kinda is the second iteration of the game.  While I don't have two predecessors sitting around on my hard drive waiting to be published, the original idea has been so bastardized and rehashed that I couldn't justify calling it a first step.  No, two and two-thirds of a previous game had to be sacrificed to get to this one (call it an ego trip)!
So there you have it.

     More griping: AnimTrees and matinee animating is still stupid difficult.  I don't know if I'm just not doing things the proper way or if it really is as hard to do as it seems, but I'm going to have to take some time to sync up the character animations to the dialogue. (Gross).
     On a sort-of-related note:  Tomorrow is midterms.  Midterms means progress reports.  Progress reports means, well, showing off just what the hell I've been up to for the first half of the quarter.  I've already been done with my website (cough cough cough cough), as well as everything else I need for portfolio show except for two things:
     - My booth
     - My giveaway
I decided about a week ago that I need to make my game the giveaway at my portfolio show.  This gives me both a hard deadline to work with to make sure it gets FINISHED, as well as a fairly cheap and sneaky way of getting my senior work into potential employer's hands.  I realized last minute, however, that in order to do this I would need a DVD case cover all finished by class tomorrow for the progress report.  This is what I've come up with:

     I'm actually really pleased with how it turned out, considering it was about a 30 minute job.  It's in my classic self-effacing style which will hopefully make me seem as personable as I am.  For those not able to attend the show (or those that lose the case/disc) I plan on having the finished installer featured on my website.
     Recently I've also taken to broadcasting the raw development process online.  For some reason, my playtesters have wanted to watch the process, which is awesome because it means direct, instantaneous feedback on every single design decision I make.  If you're interested in joining in or get a sneak peak at the behind the scenes development, head on over to  All previous broadcasts are generously recorded and hosted by them, and most live streaming happens each night between 9pm-2am!

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