Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Flash and Loss: Floss?

     I'll be the first to admit it, updates haven't been happening because development hasn't been happening.  Instead of rationalizing my lack of motivation, I'm submitting to the fact that I've just been plain lazy.  I think I finally hit a wall at about the halfway mark, especially since this portion has required the most radical change in routine.  I've been working on a couple supplementary animations for the Penanggalan (now named Penny!). Eg: Talking, idle states, movement, etc.
     Additionally, I've bitten the bullet and knuckled down on learning as much Flash as I can.  I haven't begun to dabble with actionscript yet, instead favoring simpler solutions to complex problems.  Instead of doing tutorials, I've been learning by trial and error - first with Penny's feed-in-telepathic-dialogue, followed by the creation of custom loading screens.  Scaleform is pretty nit-picky in pretty much every aspect: image resolutions, image location, naming conventions, etc.  That said, it's nice to create a UI that I know will scale properly to any window dimension (if only I could get my website to do the same thing sans-flash).  Fortunately, I think from here on out it'll be minimal need for flash interfaces, unless I decide to try and make one for the key-entry puzzle inside the motel.

     While not exactly enthralling, here's an example of the loading screens.  Each environment has it's own:

     In a less positive light, I've realized that I have no idea where I last put my development papers.  I move a lot so they could be anywhere from work, school, or back home (where they've certainly since been disposed of).  Unfortunately, this means the only remnants of my gameplay plans are in the blurry teaser photos I uploaded to this blog in an earlier post.  They're legible enough for me to remember all of the gameplay elements, but the picture was taken before I had written down feedback, feature requests, and bug reports that I had received from my playtesters.  As an alternative, I've decided to make a google docs file that I've since distributed to my playtesters so that they can directly edit and add their own entries to the list of bugs as they encounter them.  I actually think this is a phoenix-rising-from-the-ashes situation.  While I am disappointed in myself for losing the lists, I think the ability for my playtesters to directly add entries will allow for faster response time (as well as being accessible from anywhere, without worry of it disappearing again).

Cheers for now!

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