Monday, April 23, 2012

The Penanggalan

     Well, it finally happened. I have gotten to the point of development where it was time for me to decide if I should go ahead and create the narrative driving NPC or to find a way to write it off. I hate characters, (both creating them, and involving them in a narrative). Unfortunately, this whole project revolved around the original idea of creating this character, so it'd be a shame not to include it. After a lot of time over the past couple of days I came up with this:

     Yes, the character is a penanggalan (good luck pronouncing that, you can read more here: Penanggalan Wiki).  The idea behind the story is that this unfortunate woman was creating a "beautification potion" to enhance her looks, but accidentally got some ingredients mixed up, causing her entire body to rip itself into pieces.  Naturally, (since she doesn't have arms), the player has to set her straight again (eg finding the parts and learning how to bind them back into form).  Pretty gross stuff!
     Anyway, I threw on a rough diffuse pass and created a rig for it.  The rig itself has a lot of individual controls to allow for a lot of overlap and secondary motion in the intestinal tract (gross!), as well as controls to make the heart beat, and lungs expand and contract to imply breathing.  (One of the best tips I've ever received about animating:  'Making a character seem like it's breathing is the best way to make them look believable.').  Naturally, the standard blinking and phonemes are included as well as morph targets.  I'm looking forward to getting this creepfest in-game.  It'll be a very stark change of tone, despite the game's already fairly downtrodden theme.  Oh and yeah, here's a quick run through of the rig in practice:

More to come!  Stay tuned! (Or don't, I'm a blog post, not a cop).

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