Thursday, March 15, 2012

Final Review

     So I had my final review today.  If I passed, I have one more semester left before graduation.  If I failed, well, I'm out 11,000 bucks.  Anyway, this quarter I spent most of my time touching up and finishing off the environments from a previous blog post, from the end of my last quarter.  I'm pretty pleased with how they all turned out, considering the time constraints - plus a bonus animation of a previously built environment.

     This first environment is dedicated to the spooky Witch's home.  The environments are meant to all be a part of a singular island that is inhabited by monsters and other nefarious ne'er-do-wells, who have crafted their own homes to their liking.  I wanted this environment to quickly and obviously evoke the idea of Halloween and a playful, dark moodiness.

     The western home was the last one to be completed, and is meant to be the abode of two darling vampires.  I wanted this environment to have a semi-western - almost inviting feel as to allude to the Vampire's natural prowess at luring unsuspecting victims into their nest.  I decided to add the railroad track as a testament to just how far out of the way this place really is.

     This crypt is home to a Mummy and his (also mummified) little princess.  Because I was hard pressed to try and tie in a naturally occurring egyptian pyramid, I decided to go with a large mausoleum facade for the entrance, located within the island's graveyard.  Another reason that reinforced my decision to create the mausoleum was that it helped allude to the fact that there may (or probably) were previous inhabitants of this island before the monsters decided to call it home.

     Lastly is the beach home.  Originally intended to be set inside a swamp, it became evident during the ideation process that this would be better served as the landing point for the island.  After making this switch, the environment pretty much wrote itself.  The wreckage of the riverboat would be the perfect location for the island's more crafty swamp monster to flip it's large interior into a motel for travelers and vacationers.  The beach was then littered with typical vacation fun, and a few small ambient AI scripts were created in order to control the movement of the fish and the birds that circle overhead.

     Because the requirements for review were vague at best, I decided to add two additional environments to my demo.  The first being the large stillframe of my lighthouse, with the second being the following mock cinematic of my chernobyl scene.  The short story is that an intrepid videographer has found their way inside of the exclusion zone, only to be met with the ghosts of the dead.  The teddy bear in the cart tells a small tale of how a child during the event placed a gas mask upon his (imaginary friend's) face so that he might also survive the ordeal.

     And that's the show.  I hope in the coming weeks to go back into my UDK environments and add in some more finer details, as well as details that would help establish them as one unified island (replicate elements across each scene, other scene's composited into the background, etc), as well as possibly start fleshing out character designs (though admittedly these not being my strong suit...)

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