Tuesday, December 6, 2011

End of the Quarter

     As another quarter of classes comes to a close, the usual last minute panic is setting in nicely.  I've got about a week left to finish all the things I need for my business identity (logo, website, business cards, demo reel, etc), as well as the modeling of the Monster Island environment.  I took some generic renders from max to show the progress as screenshots really weren't presenting the fine details well (AA is non-existent in the viewports.  Boo.)

     I'm pretty pleased with how the project is turning out, especially with an overall scene poly count of about 80,000 polys.  I think that should jump into the UDK nicely at the end of next quarter.  The last pieces of this puzzle are to finish the interior of the Egyptian crypt (not pictured) as well as fleshing out the graveyard.  With a week left, the pressure is definitely on.  Next quarter will be devoted solely to texturing, though I might get a little bit of a head start during the winter break.  I need all the time I can get - final review is next quarter!

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