Friday, October 21, 2011

Logo Designing

     Part of the big senior project is also developing content for our demo reel and our overall professional presentation of ourselves.  This past week I took a bit of time trying out various logo ideas and here were a few I came up with:
     After field testing them a bit, the ones that got the strongest reaction were the 3D glasses, Robot, and Monkey designs.  The robot was thrown out because (as a good friend pointed out) I'm always saying that I can't stand sci-fi and that choosing a robot logo (even though I LOVE robots: would probably give people the wrong impression of the type of work they'd expect to see.  The 3D glasses ended up being cast aside because they lacked personality (as with many of the other designs) and also didn't look nice in practice (sketch to vector didn't translate well).  In the end (and to my great pleasure) I decided to try and pursue the Monkey design (which probably got the most positive feedback out of any of the designs anyway).  I decided to add the 3D glasses to the Monkey design as well to really drive home the idea that I'm all about having fun with 3D!

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