Thursday, August 11, 2011


By contrast, in rare instances I actually DO get work done. Today was one of those cases. The following is what I like to call UV hell, (basically the unwrapping of a complex mesh). After re-creating a character from an earlier class in a (much) lower poly density, these were the starting UVs. I hate that 3d packages still handle UVs the same way as they always have (badly).

After a bit of tweaking I separated main parts of the body into 4 uv channels. They probably still look messy but for now (and with the deadline for a finished product being tuesday, and having no free-time outside of work this weekend), they'll have to do. I can't wait until engines are able to take advantage of the pixar ptex technology. I can unwrap stuff, it just feels like such an ancient ritual by today's standards.

PS, if anyone has some tips on how to achieve a pastel-painted/watercolor-painted fur style in photoshop I'd be grateful to grab 'em.

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